Linkwest State Budget Submission 2024–2025 

Linkwest State Budget SubmissionAfter many months of conversation in the network and coming together to discuss solutions to challenges impacting our network and wider communities, Linkwest is proud to launch the State Budget Submission 2024–2025.

Our members have generously contributed insights, expertise and experience to make this submission a true representation of our network's vision. The State Budget Submission reflects the state of our sector, and offers solutions that help it be more effective and sustainable into the future.

A lot has happened for Linkwest, our members and the WA community in the past 12 months. What has not changed is WA government’s under-funding of the sector. 

Throughout the changes, Neighbourhood and Community Resource Centres have continued to deliver value in their communities that is far beyond the dollar value in their contracts. There are many things that could have been requested in this state budget submission, including a renewed request for investment in adult community education and minimum operating budget for Centres. Linkwest will continue to advocate for this in coming years, in line with core contract procurement tender schedules. 

The State Budget Submission 2024–2025 has taken a more pragmatic and strategic approach. It is delivered with a focus on the future and draws attention to the unique strengths and abilities of Linkwest and its statewide membership. 

Please join us in our efforts to bring these recommendations to life by advocating for our network's State Budget Submission.


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