Community Engagement

A collection of resources and inspiration to help your Centre build and engage community. 


A First Nations Approach to Community Development

Community First Development’s framework is an essential guide in genuine co-design, partnership and economic and community development, both in Australia and internationally.


Community Engagement and ABCD

Linkwest has developed a community engagement resource based upon Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) to help your Centre engage with your community.


Eight Touchstones of Citizenship

In his keynote address at Linkwest's REFRESH event in October 2018, community development expert, Cormac Russell, explores the eight touchstones of citizenship and their role in building strong, resilient communities.


ABCD of Thriving Communities website

The site contains inspiration and resources to help your Centre build and engage community using Asset Based Community Development* and other strengths-based frameworks.


Community Engagement on the Run

Linkwest's Community Engagement on the Run booklet is a ten step guide to engagement towards codesign for neighbourhood and community centres.


Building Blocks for Effective Collaboration

This document identifies the top 10 key elements to successful collaboration.


Do Something!

This 50 minute recording gets to the heart of community in Western Australia with Seattle-based community development expert Jim Diers and Gaurav Chawla, Director of Community Development at Brockman Community House.


Developing Communities

Jim Diers - international speaker and consultant, and founding director of the City of Seattle's Department of Neighbourhoods - delivers an inspirational Community Development workshop and keynote Address full of real-life examples.


Great Info to Pass to your Members

Some great websites that you might want to let your members (and staff!) know about.


Engaging with Aboriginal Communities

Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal people, culture, history. This presentation includes a strong emphasis on how to include and attract Aboriginal people to Community, Neighbourhood and Learning Centres & their programmes.