Most Significant Change Facilitated Workshop

Most Significant Change Facilitated Workshop

For the past few years, CRCs have had to incorporate Most Significant Change into their reporting to DPIRD. So, what is Most Significant Change and how can CRCs use it most effectively? 

Most Significant Change is participatory impact measurement and evaluation tool. Much has been written about this evaluation technique, which can get rather complex. However, put very simply, Most Significant Change is about telling stories that demonstrate the impact of your services. It is your job to find, select, and narrate the stories that best illustrate the impact an activity, event, or service is having. 

This facilitated workshop will bring together those struggling with this method and those who have mastered it, so that we can discuss challenges, tips, and strategies. The session will be facilitated by Linkwest and driven by CRC managers and coordinators. We aim to encourage a productive conversation about how CRCs have tackled this task, and ways to simplify the process. 

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Online via Zoom
18/04/2024 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
W. Australia Standard Time
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