Global ABCD Festival 2019

ABCD is becoming well known among our networks as a framework that both describes a lot about what Centres already do, and also offers new learning and connections around the ways Centres can expand on their practice of community-led development and community building. 

As a place-based framework, ABCD enables Centres to build on the unique ‘assets’ - the gifts, strengths, passions - of their communities, in ways that strengthen community identity and capacity.  Rather than a recipe or set of formulas for implementation, ABCD offers a set of principles to guide community building work. These principles include ideas familiar to Centres, such as

  • Building and nourishing relationships is the fundamental action in community building.
  • Communities have never been built by dwelling on their deficiencies, needs and problems. Communities respond creatively when the focus is on resources, capacities, strengths, aspirations and opportunities.
  • In every community, something works. Instead of asking “what’s wrong, and how to fix it,” ask “what’s worked and how do we get more of it?” It generates energy and creativity.
  • The central factor in sustainable change is local leadership and its continuous development and renewal.

The third global ABCD Festival will be held in Goa next January. Perhaps you and others in your community are planning to attend? Do let us know - we’d love to hear and share your stories of the Festival among our networks.

If (like many of us!) you’d love to be going but not going to make it this year, the ABCD Festival website holds a treasure trove of resources from former years, including a 7 minute podcast and 13 minute video sharing learnings from the first Festival in 2017. You can also browse recordings and documents from the same conference here.

If you’re inspired to join the 2019 gathering, you can find the flyer, the program and booking details here.

Global ABCD FestivalPhoto courtesy of Richard Holmes @Sound Cloud